Well, that’s a little dramatic, don’t you think? If Trump hasn’t started a Civil War then I don’t think someone running on a message of unity and standing up for peace and healthcare is going to start one. Come on now, this is just sensationalism.

Bernie is uniquely positioned to win and get things done because, as an independent and one of the only un-bought and trustworthy politicians in America, he is actually respected by both sides of the aisle. Many Republicans have said over the years that, while they disagree with many of his ideas, they like working with him, which is evident by him holding the record for most roll-call amendments ever passed through Republican-controlled congresses.

I can’t find the video now, but there is a video of Republicans talking about how they like working with Bernie and how he does a lot more work behind the scenes that he doesn’t get credit for because he’s unique in that he’s not there to look good or win points he’s there to get stuff done to help people without ego. This is different from Biden hobnobbing with segregationists because he’s essentially just one of them.

You’re conflating a passion/anger for justice with a reckless ineptitude. Bernie is the only candidate threading the needle between the former and a real deft political skill and experience with doing what needs to be done to get the other side on board without pandering.

Written by

Juventino, progressive, tall person.

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