The thing is, Americans are angry! Millions are uninsured or underinsured, living paycheck to paycheck, crushed under debt, living in the shadows, living on the street, unable to send their children to college to escape poverty, unable to afford food and medicine, etc.

Bernie is angry because people are angry. And we’re angry because we’re suffering!

To be a leader is to feel for your people and fight for them. Many love Bernie not just because he is angry, but because he feels their anger, and actually cares enough to act on it. It’s relatable. It’s inspiring. It’s what we need.

We don’t want another suit to tell us why their focus-tested means-testing is optimal. We want someone who viscerally understands how we feel and is driven by that energy in a revolutionary drive to actually materially improve the lives of average working people. This is good!

You liken this angriness to Trump. Well, Trump won, didn’t he? And he’s changing America. It worked.

It’s time we get someone who understands America’s anger and passionately works to solve the underlying problems causing it instead of someone who capitalizes on it (Trump) or ignores and belittles it (centrists). Otherwise nothing will change, and people will just get angrier…

Written by

Juventino, progressive, tall person.

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