Thank you for your thoughtful response! A few points in reply:

  • We know her job as a consultant is to increase profits for these companies, which bring in money precisely by extracting it from sick and dying people. This is the express purpose of their business, and I encourage you to research her work more deeply.
  • Those links actually lead to multiple polls, not just two. The vast majority of polls show majority support, which backs up my claim. Of course some polls show other results, but this is often because of very negative framing.
  • Of course this is simplifying the issue for the sake of covering as many issues as possible within one piece, but I personally think it would be great to forgive debt for all people, freeing them to spend more and hire more. The best thing you can do for the economy is to simply give people more spending power, and cancelling their monthly student loan payments does just that.
  • I don’t see Warren appearing to lie about her work history as “yellow journalism.” Being able to trust a presidential candidate is a legitimate area of investigation, and the evidence is there for you to base your own decisions on.
  • The South America bit is far too complex to completely address here, but I still stand by the assessment that Bernie is willing to call out Trump’s imperialism while Warren aides and abets it.

In any case, you mention electability, which is important! I’ve since written a new piece that addresses the reasons why I believe, regardless of your opinions of him as a candidate, he is our most electable option. If beating Trump is important to you, I believe the time has come to unite around and nominate Bernie, because no one else is better prepared to win this general election:

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Juventino, progressive, tall person.

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