Thank you again for a thoughtful reply.

  • As for her daughter, if you read the linked source it discuss how her work specifically suggested ways to keep patients paying, and paying more, even if it means working out new ways to put them in debt, all as a direct response to the movement to lowering prices, which her organization works specifically to counteract. I get what you’re saying in a general sense, but Warren’s daughter works to extract more money from sick and dying people. Read the link!
  • Again, there are many polls showing majority support even when it explicitly states the role of private insurance will be abolished or reduced. The reason why there is some confusion on what M4A actually entails is because of how many Democrats are intentionally muddying the waters with inferior copycat plans, which is hurting the movement. Meanwhile, the public option faces no scrutiny at all, falsely inflating its purported support by comparison.
  • The piece talks in depth about how Bernie plans to raise the money to buy out debt, and reducing military spending is one of them. Bernie is the only candidate who hasn’t voted to raise military spending (besides Buttigieg, who isn’t in Congress, but he supports it nonetheless). I think bailing out our students is one of the best uses of taxpayer money we have — it embodies of, for, and by the people far more than bailing out predatory corporations or funding another unjust war.
  • The incidents Warren is lying about may have taken place some years ago, but she is lying now, today, constantly. She lies about her race, her donors, her father’s job, her teaching history, how she left her teaching job, her children’s education, her healthcare positions, Bernie’s comments in private conversations, her rivals’ electoral histories, and even inane things like her “selfies.” She’s simply not a trustworthy candidate, and that’s a legitimate point to discuss.
  • This piece is does not discuss Maduro and Morales, it discusses the positions on the reactions to them imperialist interaction with their nations. One candidate supports Trump’s elevation of a literal fascist coup, and one does not. Foreign policy is perhaps where the president has the most power, and Bernie sets himself apart as the only true anti-war candidate and the only candidate even close to truly challenging US imperialism. You may say some of the specifics are “leftist,” but a preference to peace is pretty widespread — many don’t care which party pulls the trigger, they just want it to stop. I cannot agree with the assertion that using our tax dollars to perpetrate illegal and unjust war crimes and/or subversion of other nation’s democratically elected governments is “petty.”

Let me know what you think about the electability piece!

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Juventino, progressive, tall person.

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