Thank you again! And of course, criticism is always welcome.

  1. I get your point, but Biden, Warren, and Buttigieg all come from small electorates as well, and their records are far less impressive. It’s all relative — and Bernie’s results are indisputably most compelling compared to the others.
  2. I included aggregated links from 2020, and I included links to averages that show the overall trends, not just singular, cherry-picked polls. I included the 2016 link in addition to show how Bernie’s polling success has been the most consistent and the longest-running. I think you may be confused on this one.
  3. See above.
  4. I don’t understand. I forget the exact stat, but only a minority of donors donate to more than one candidate, if that’s what you mean?
  5. People want a radical shift, but the radical shift they pick depends on the options they are given. Post-Depression, America chose to shift left (FDR), and Europe chose to shift right (Hitler/Mussolini). In 2016, Bernie was the FDR option, and Trump was the Hitler/Mussolini option. By running a non-change centrist candidate in Hillary, the Democrats ensured disaffected voters only had one option for a radical shift, and it was the wrong one. Bernie, in my opinion, is the right option, and we have to offer it, or we’ll fail to beat Trump a second time.
  6. If you’re concerned Americans balking at progress once they understand the sacrifices required to realize this progress, then I assure you we’ll be fine without the support of the 1%, as they are the ones who will be paying for Bernie’s proposals, not the average working class constituent.
  7. Bernie is the #1 overall 2nd choice pick, which multiple polls confirm.
  8. Biden has more endorsements, but how many can the average person name? Kerry? Who cares? The ones that are moving the needle are the ones rallying around Bernie. To many voters, establishment endorsements are a negative! Most moderate liberals don’t care about Morales, etc., because they can’t be bothered to care about US imperialism. Those who do care about these issues support Bernie’s positions on them and will be swayed to turn out because of it. And anyone who is mad at Sarandon, for some reason, probably can’t be helped anyway.
  9. Bernie is old, but so is Trump, Biden, Warren, Hillary, Pelosi, etc. So what? He clearly is far more fit than most of those around him, and, as much as I hate to say this, even if something horrible should happen to him once elected, it would still be a net positive for America, both because of the victory for the movement, the beating of Trump, the avoidance of a neoliberal reign, and the ascension of the strong VP he will select.
  10. I think you miss the point. Trump will call ANY Democrat names, just as Republicans did with Obama. Saying that Republicans will try to smear a Democratic nominee is not an argument. The discussion is which candidates have the least ammunition for them to use, and Bernie is that candidate by far.

I’m glad to hear that this evidence has made an impression!

As for passing Bernie’s agenda, “it will be hard to do” or “not all of it will get done” is not an argument, either. Of course those things are true. But not only is Bernie the most reliable to stick to his work and continue the fight for what’s right without backing down, Bernie also starts the bar higher. It’s negotiating 101 — start with Medicare for All and maybe you get negotiated down to a robust public option. Start with a weak public option proposal, and you end up with… just a marginally less bad version of the ACA? Obama didn’t have an easier time passing his rebranded Romneycare just because it was inadequate and conciliatory. Even if Bernie never passes a single thing, or his proposals are mangled and diluted in the process, he is still our best chance to do better than that and his presidency will still be a drastic net positive regardless. At the very least he stops the bad stuff from getting through, which I don’t trust anyone else to do. And he grows a progressive movement for the future that will be far greater than just a Bernie administration.

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Juventino, progressive, tall person.

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