I’m sorry you are confused, let me try to clear things up.

Running a hypocritical and dishonest candidate with many scandals and bad past actions very much does harm us/Democrats in a general election because it 1) removes the moral superiority we’d have vs Trump. If they’re also evil, what are we running on, a change of scenery? Better speeches? 2) You win general elections by bringing in nonvoters and independents. If you run a candidate that is bad, that doesn’t happen, and you’re stuck with just the average vote blue no matter who voters, which are not enough to carry you through on their own. 3) We already tried this with Hillary, and it didn’t work. We should try running someone who is actually good this time. (While she’s experienced sexism, she didn’t lose because she’s a woman. She actually got less of the woman vote than Obama did, and less of the woman vote than Trump did — that’s not because of sexism, and for the most part, sexists are probably voting Republican instead of Democrat in the first place. She lost the election because she was a bad candidate who ran a bad campaign.)

This article is for people interested in beating Trump by choosing the best candidate possible to run against him. This article is for people who have a moral compass and would like to learn of the fascistic tendencies of these four so as to avoid voting for someone bad my mistake. This article is for people who value truth and what’s right.

Bernie not only was the first presidential candidate ever to not even do oppo at all, but he ran the softest primary campaign of all time. Far far far gentler than Obama v Hillary ever was, except we don’t blame Hillary for the outcome of 2008, because Obama was actually strong enough to win his general election. Bernie did more campaign events for Hillary than Hillary did for Obama — in fact in some states Bernie campaigned harder for her than she did for herself! Also, FAR more Hillary voters voted for McCain against Obama (25%!) than Bernie voters voted for Trump against Hillary, which is especially impressive considering that his base was filled with non-democrats who were brought into the party and into the election in the first place specifically to vote for him, so they had no obligation to stick around after she and the party cheated him. I can send sources for all of this if you’re actually interested in learning more instead of just parroting this absurd false narrative.

By saying that you don’t care what these four candidates have done to black, LGBT+, poor, Muslim, Hispanic, etc. communities is the ultimate position of privilege. To you they’re good enough because you’re detached from reality enough to not be affected no matter who the nominee is. Once a Democrat is back in office people like you will go back to your brunches and stop paying attention to politics while the kids stay in the cages and the poor keep getting poorer and the military keeps killing innocents abroad. You just want the moral superiority of opposing Trump, the lowest of bars to clear. I’m writing this because I want to stand up for the vulnerable no matter who is in power, and I recognize that, while a Biden presidency may not hurt me that much, it would be a disaster for those less fortunate than I am. And I want to do my part to stop that, whether people like you understand it or not.

Juventino, progressive, tall person. I run @WaitingOnBiden / WaitingOnBiden.com

Juventino, progressive, tall person. I run @WaitingOnBiden / WaitingOnBiden.com